The image of a plumber certainly has changed over the last few years. Competition has molded the industry from blue jeans that sag in the wrong places to shirt and tie professionals wearing booties. The customer is demanding better service and the industry has responded!

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Drain Cleaning

If you start with the simple fact that most plumbers dont clean drains and most drain cleaners dont do plumbing, your search for the right contractor becomes a lot easier.

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Video Inspection

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While its not as pretty as a birthday party, a video of your sewer line may be just as valuable. Use our video inspection assist in selling a house, in deciding whether or not to repair a broken or cracked pipe, or just to keep a record of it.

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Jetting / Hydro-Vac

One of the most effective drain cleaning methods involves the use of high pressure water spray or water jetting. And our combination water jet/vac is a great tool to suck everything out of that newly cleaned drain.

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Other Services

Offering a range of professional services such as line location, steam cleaning, high pressure spray cleaning, grease trap cleaning and preventative maintenance, were your one stop shop for everything drain related.

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Welcome to Professional Drain Services

Professional Drain Services is a family owned and operated plumbing service company, with a history of helping Twin City residents for over 17 years. Our company is proud of our faith based ethics, which we try to live out daily in our interactions with employees, customers, and suppliers. We genuinely care about the services that we perform and offer the latest in cleaning and inspection technologies that are used by our professional and efficient service technicians.

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Do It Yourself…

While “push,push,push” may work in the maternity room, it is not the best way to plunge a toilet. When waste blocks the small (2″) trapway in the toilet, pushing the debris usually just compacts it into a harder blockage. The best way is to gently pull it back a little. Here’s how.

Make sure the bowl is at least 3/4 full of water. If not, lift the tank lid and gently set it aside. Press the flush lever and let the bowl fill. When 3/4 full, reach into the tank and push down the flapper to stop the water from entering the bowl.

Then take your plunger and slowly position it at the bottom of the bowl. Gently push it down to create a vacuum, then give it a jerk up, but try to keep the plunger in the bowl, otherwise you may get wet. This small jerk is intended to pull back the waste from the trapway enough so that the weight of the water can take over and flush the debris through the trapway.

You may need to repeat this procedure a few times in order to loosen the blockage enough for the water to take over.


You guys are the best, you came quickly, answered all my questions and left the place neat and clean. Thanks!

- John S., Hudson WI

I had water everywhere and you showed up in the middle of the night it was a lifesaver!

- Mary J., Lake Elmo, M

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