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Steam Cleaning

The most effective way to remove ice dams from roofs and gutters is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning may not be needed that frequently, but we do know that no one likes water leaks on their ceiling and walls. Professional Drain Services offers a solution to those potential problems.

High Pressure Spray Cleaning

Many restaurants and other food service retailers require sidewalks and parking lots that are free of food and drink accidents. We offer regular maintenance programs and emergency response that will keep things from getting sticky.

Line Location

Our teams at Professional Drain Services are able to locate your sewer and gas lines on your property. We ensure proper depth, and will mark them for your various projects.

Preventative Maintenance Program

The only time we do not justify the flames on the front of our trucks is when we are on the way to perform regular preventive maintenance on your sewer system. We design a specific program to keep your drains operational all year long and prevent sewer blockages.

Sewer blockages can cause health hazards, customer complaints, and a disruption of business. We design a program for you based on the condition of your sewer lines and your business activity.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Never the good, usually the bad, and always the ugly; grease trap cleaning remains the least desirable task of any business manager. When there are no bad employees available, call us. We know the importance of a clean grease trap to your sewer system, the municipal sewer system, and the environment.


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