Lateral Launch Camera Inspection

Professional Drain Services is a leader in the video inspection of lateral sewer lines from the main
sewer connection, or Lateral Launch Inspection. Recent technology now allows us to inspect both
residential and commercial sewer lines from the main sewer connection point back up to the building
exit point. We are now able to provide these inspection records to utilities, municipalities and
construction companies to verify sewer conditions and structure without requiring access into each

The process involves a Lateral Launch Camera. This equipment actually consists of two cameras with
sonde locating capabilities. The camera traverses the city main sewer, able to record conditions and
structure along the way. When a sewer lateral is encountered, a smaller camera is “launched” into the
lateral line to record the conditions and structure of that line. Once completed, the lateral camera is
retrieved and proceeds to the next one up or down the line. The process is quick and provides adequate
documentation for needed repairs or disclosure of any other problems with the sewer line.

Professional Drain Services has performed thousands of these inspections with a variety of different
cameras. We constantly test and refine the latest equipment offered by these camera manufacturers,
including Aries, Cues and Rausch. We would welcome your request for more information on the
process or quote on your particular needs.


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